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Nutzen Sie den Google Chrome-Browser nicht nur auf Ihrem Desktop-Computer, sondern auch zum schnellen Surfen auf Ihrem Android-Smartphone oder -Tablet. Machen Sie dank der Synchronisierung von Tabs dort weiter, wo Sie auf einem anderen Gerät aufgehört haben. Nutzen Sie die Sprachsuche und reduzieren Sie die Datennutzung beim Surfen um bis zu 50 %.

Geräte synchronisieren: Greifen Sie über Ihren Laptop, Ihr Smartphone oder Ihr Tablet direkt auf Ihre Tabs und Lesezeichen zu.

Datennutzung reduzieren: Reduzieren Sie die mobile Datennutzung beim Surfen um bis zu 50 %.

Schneller surfen: Wählen Sie noch während der Eingabe Suchergebnisse aus und greifen Sie rasch auf bereits besuchte Seiten zu.

Sprachsuche: Nutzen Sie die Google-Sprachsuche, um unterwegs auch ohne Tippen das zu finden, wonach Sie suchen.

Übersetzen: Lesen Sie Webseiten problemlos in allen Sprachen.

Intuitive Bewegungen: Öffnen Sie beliebig viele Tabs und schauen Sie sie rasch durch, indem Sie auf der Symbolleiste von einer Seite zur anderen wischen.

Datenschutz: Surfen Sie anonym im Inkognitomodus. Ihr Browserverlauf wird dabei nicht gespeichert. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Kommentare über Chrome-Browser – Google

  •  KarinHousley6

    KarinHousley6 Used to love it. Not much to fault Chrome, except the fact that many pages I open I'm bombarded with popup sites that can't close. So I can't view what I want to view. I go back and forth from Firefox to Chrome now when a site will be blocked by popups, Firefox helps out here. I'll change my vote when Chrome rids this problem. Great job

  •  AmberCareyGitter

    AmberCareyGitter Bring back the tabs merged with apps. I used to love chrome because as the default browser it would merge my tabs and apps in the overview screen. Now with that option removed I can never know what my tabs are by just looking at overview. You removed the only feature that made me use chrome over Firefox for years. I may as well switch back to Firefox now that chrome is exactly the same. Awesome

  •  voiceofatrillionmen

    voiceofatrillionmen Download SKRILO App!!!!! Join refferal code:-( & get ₹ 50 Paytm cash!!!!! Invite plz Nine Two Four Seven Four Six Six Six Three Four It's really good application you can discover new applications The app works so good so far. Haven't tried to cash out yet and guess that will be the real test. Refer me and we both get coins to get more prizes Great app easy to use, making cash is slow but much better than other similar apps that I've tried Works perfectly

  •  jonasclark

    jonasclark Riddled with issues that shouldn't exist First of all why were merged tabs removed? Now to exist the app I have to manually close each tab rather than being able to just swipe from recent apps. I also wish that text sizing was more consistent, and that there was an option for text to fit to screen. Works great

  •  Jie123lo

    Jie123lo Flash Player Though... I mean Chrome is Chrome. Its nice. Effortlees between PC and mobile BUT... This lack of Adobe Flash Player download or the fact that's not already built in just bothers my everyday usage. Unless I missed something about getting flash player to work... 4⭐ Good

  •  OdodoJams

    OdodoJams Viewing pdfs is still an issue Suits my needs except when I click a pdf link - which is quite often since I use Chrome to access my uni website to try and view lectures within the browser. At least make it download the pdf automatically if it can't view it in the app. Brilliant

  •  itawqxu

    itawqxu Some occasional brain dump. It's a simple UI with conserved screen real estate. Google wanting you to be cloud hopping means that there are remarkably fewer configuration options available while not signed in to the collective than some alternatives. It has a reasonably friendly interface, nonetheless, and despite an occasional dump-taking (leak? race?) issue, is usable enough for the most part. There are interesting alternatives for sure, but for basic browsing, this app does inflate one's rubber raft. Pirate duck sold separately. Well done!!

  •  inestresna

    inestresna Not user friendly Liked Chrome for its simplicity, but the fact that Google forces users to use apps the way they want them to, not the way users want to use apps, makes it a second grade app. Having a lot of problems with Chrome lately, like it opening the last set of pages no matter how many times I close them, too many pop ups, no way to switch to newly opened tabs directly, not enough options in the settings menu. Switching to anther browser till Google starts to put users above their whims. Superb!

  •  WeseOsteoxVog

    WeseOsteoxVog No major complaints Works as well as one could hope for. My favorite Web browser at the moment. Though fixing those pesky ad pop ups and redirects would be nice. Some days I don't see any, then others I get quite a few. Probably not Google fault directly so idk what can be done but annoying none the less. Must have

  •  scrapbookingcards

    scrapbookingcards I know a lot of people, in the past anyway, complain that Chrome is sluggish, but I've never experienced this. Maybe I don't use it enough. Either way, when I do use it, it performs exactly as I would expect, and I love that it syncs everything from desktop Chrome. It doesn't feel like a paired-down mobile browser. wow lol

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