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edjing PRO - Music DJ mixer - eine professionelle Anwendung für die Erstellung von Musik-Tracks, MIXES erstellen, überlagerung von zusätzlichen sounds und vieles mehr. Die App wurde entwickelt mit der Unterstützung von professionellen DJs, so dass alle Funktionen und Ergonomie sind auf höchstem Niveau. Am oberen zu den oben erhalten Sie Zugriff auf mehr als 50 Millionen Tracks durch die Synchronisation der App mit Diensten Deezer und SoundCloud.

  • Schnelle Steuerung
  • Online-Zugriff auf jede Funktionalität der Anwendung
  • Viele Spuren
  • Vorbereitung von Dj-sets und arbeiten mit Dokumenten
  • Sortieren nach Titel
  • die Möglichkeit der Installation des Designs mit Plattenspieler

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  •  nseoonekenobt

    nseoonekenobt Soundcloud won't work, but when it does it just opens up my soundcloud app. Thats the only reason i bought this app. Hope it gets resolved. Worth it!

  •  jwsmfotjxf

    jwsmfotjxf Love it. Would probably give 5 stars but I don't have a wireless cross fader to use with the new update. Looking forward to taking this to new heights! Surprisingly

  •  santoshkoripella

    santoshkoripella Problem is is that it keeps closing when i try to add a song. Is there a cap on how many song this app can carry? Its a fantastic app just needs a little tuning. Also when i try to add a song it just closes and returns back to square one as if its making tabs 5 star

  •  inciongdas

    inciongdas Brilliant Updated Review: There is no foundation for any negative feedback. Muito bom!

  •  domekeneil

    domekeneil All Good Please can you add individual folder options. I mix old school house, jungle, Tribal House. Etc.. I know you can add tracks in playlists but individual folders will be good too. Works great

  •  Williamisubr

    Williamisubr Why the extra permissions? Why the extra permissions? This app now feels like spyware. Can I just get my money back instead of updating please? wow lol

  •  chirag19291

    chirag19291 Absolutely amazing app Spot on. Would love to be able to control the lows mids and highs of the 2 tracks at the same time but still absolutely astounding application. Highly Recommend.

  •  bayooguntona

    bayooguntona 5/5 Love it! It's excellent! I may not be a DJ, but I still feel like I can make something cool with this app. It's auto BPM detection is a little wobbly, but you can correct it by tapping the beat out. It's fantastic! Can't recommend it enough! :D Cool

  •  wwndnok

    wwndnok After Paying... My main issue is the regulation regarding the RECORD feature not being something the purchaser is allowed to do due to copyrights & whatever else they mention when one press that button... There should be some kind of refund (or something)to those of us who paid for the PRO VERSION under the impression that recording mixes was do able... Flawless

  •  Handyman in Raleigh
    Handyman in Raleigh

    Handyman in Raleigh Getting Better. Needs the following. A star for each one: 1. A library analyzer, so we can sort library by BPM and/or Key. PLEASE! this is essential. 2. Why is there no Google Play Music Premium support. (Idk whether it's Google's end or edjing's end, but I'm sure it's possible) please make support for it. ALSO: A vertical mode, with a standard 2 channel mixer interface. I can see improvements each time I download. Just these are essential. (Thank-you for removing virtual jogwheels) wow lol

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