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Durchsichtig uhr und wetter ist eine voll ausgestattete, vollständig anpassbare Anwendung für Digitaluhr und Wettervorhersage.

Die Anwendung verfügt über folgende Funktionen:

- Viele Widgets, verschiedene Größen (2x1, 4x1, 4x2 4x3)
- Widgets können skaliert werden (5x1, 5x2, 5x3, ...)
- Viele Widget-Skins
- Unterschiedliche Wettersymbol-Skins
- Verschiedene Schriften für die Zeit
- Automatische Standortbestimmung (über Zelle/WiFi oder GPS) oder manuell (vom Benutzer angegeben)
- Weltwetter und -zeit: Anzeige der Ortszeit und Wetterdaten für eine beliebige Anzahl von unterschiedlichen Standorten weltweit
- Temperatur in Celsius oder Fahrenheit
- Automatisches oder manuelles Aktualisieren des Wetters
- Detaillierte Wettervorhersage, die Folgendes enthält:
- Ortszeit und Zeitzone (für den Standort)
- Sonnenaufgang- und Sonnenuntergangszeiten
- Länge des Tages
- Aktuelle Witterung und Temperatur, niedrige und hohe Temperaturen für den Tag
- Feuchtigkeit und Windbedingungen
- Die aktuelle Mondphase (Symbol)
- 4 Tage Wettervorhersage
- Wettervorhersage-Hintergrund gemäß der Witterung und Uhrzeit (Tag/Nacht)
- Mehrere Widget Hotspots (alle von ihnen sind benutzerdefiniert für den Start bestimmter Anwendungen)
- Systeminformationsanzeige auf dem Widget (erhältlich Telefon- und SD-Kartenspeicher, WiFi oder 3G-Zustand)

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Kommentare über Durchsichtig uhr und wetter

  •  Spooleblergox

    Spooleblergox Start my day The first thing I check to start my day, is the weather. I like the widget option , constant info without opening an app. I plan my work schedule around this. Its quick, easy and tells me everything I need to know about a location , the forecast is useful. Great!

  •  TelaraGreen

    TelaraGreen Weather App Upate 8/25/16: support responded and assisted. Works GREAT NOW!! Thank you. Best App support team and response!! Using on Galaxy s7... For the most part, this works great. However, i have 5 locations added, one of which IS MY LOCATION and stored as such. However, MY LOCATION is not the one shown on the main screen like it used to before the update. I've managed the locations, but still can't get the one stored as my location to appear on main screen with 7-day forecast. Frustrating Works perfectly

  •  Brit75

    Brit75 Transparent Weather Clock App My husband and myself have been using this App for about 2 years and we both live it. It's easy to use, weather and clock are always correct. Plus you can get other cities weather information and time all around the world. Works perfectly

  •  topbgt31

    topbgt31 Trouble running on Note 5 I love this app, still running it on my S5, but not on my Note. Fails to update time/weather without forcing an update. Disappears from my home page. Please fix, I really miss it! Worth it!

  •  Globaleez

    Globaleez Cuando se pone en vista completa del clima aparece la luna estando de día... while on main weather screen instead of appearing the sun you see the moon even on day time. They say one thing I just prove them wrong with Google now weather! Sadly.... Took 3 updates to get reality Fantastic

  •  FrostyJim

    FrostyJim Great, customizable weather app It is a real pleasure to use both the app and the widget. It's as customizable as apps get (can't make widget narrower without sacrificing clock is one issue I found, but I prefer larger version anyway). The only thing stopping me from rating it 5 stars is no seconds visible on the clock. I can't find any way to change that. Perfect

  •  jakewhirlson

    jakewhirlson I Love This App! It's fast and convenient. I get complete and accurate information and up-to-the-minute updates. So many other weather apps don't give me humidity and barometric pressure information. This one does. It even tells me when sunrise and sunset are and how many hours of daylight there will be. Weather Channel, Weather Bug? Forget About It! Get this one and Done! Not bad

  •  marcandcolle

    marcandcolle Accurate and detailed Tried a few different apps/widgets and never really found one that was very reliable until this one. Hourly forecasts generally pretty accurate, quite a bit of info on the home screen and plenty more to hand when you click on it. Able to change a number of settings (eg Fahrenheit/Celsius) and overall, very pleased with it. Perfect!

  •  Jmathews

    Jmathews Best Weather app for me so far I really just wanted a true transparent look. The options have suited me well so far. Nexus 6, Pure Nexus, XGELS. Easy to adjust as my needs change. Obama is a liar and doesn't trust the American people. Hillary is worse. She thinks she knows what is best for you. Works perfectly

  •  FirmandSexy

    FirmandSexy Set up is good but needs to run transparent. Edit: Operator error. Found transparency. MOUNTAINS of options and I like this. I DID manage to twist it about so I cannot run as wallpaper and/or in the background. Sorry I couldn't figure out how to do screenshots. Also, excellent response time! That's high quality! Muito bom!

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