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DraStic ist ein schneller Nintendo DS Emulator für Android.
Ausser der Fähigkeit, Nintendo DS Spiele in voller Geschwindigkeit auf vielen Android Geräten abzuspielen, hat er noch folgende Features:

- Die 3D-Grafik der Spiele kann in 2x2-fach erhöhter Auflösung dargestellt werden (diese optionale Funktion läuft am besten auf High-End Quad-Core Geräten).
- Die Position und Größe der beiden DS-Screens lässt sich völlig frei konfigurieren
- Volle Unterstützung für externe Gamepads, und Geräte mit integrierten Spieltasten wie das nVidia Shield oder Xperia Play
- Der Spielstand kann jederzeit gespeichert und fortgesetzt werden
- Eine Datenbank mit tausenden von Cheats ermöglicht Dir, dein Spielerlebnis deinen Wünschen anzupassen
- Deine Speicherstände können direkt aus der Anwendung heraus über dein Google Drive auf all deinen Geräten synchronisiert werden
- Eine Vorspulfunktion ermöglicht dir die Spielgeschwindigkeit zu erhöhen

Falls Du irgendwelche Zweifel über den Emulator hast und testen möchtest, ob und wie gut er auf deinem Gerät läuft, dann versuche bitte erst unsere Demo-Version.

DraStic ist nur dafür bestimmt, private Backups deiner legal erworbenen Nintendo DS Spiele zu spielen.
Dieses Produkt steht in keinster Weise mit Nintendo in Verbindung, und wird nicht von Nintendo unterstützt.
Jede Frage bezüglich der Beschaffung von ROMs wird von uns ignoriert werden.

Bitte beachte:
WiFi/multiplayer wird momentan nicht unterstützt.

Falls Du Hilfe benötigst, dann schreibe uns bitte an [email protected]
Weitere Infos und eine Liste aller Änderungen in: Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Kommentare über DraStic DS Emulator

  •  sunnyclavier

    sunnyclavier Works great and is best out there for mobile DS emulation. But developers never helped me or get back to me to resolve the Error code 291 about licensing issues. I fixed it on my own. After following the instructions they suggest i still had the issue. Then I check on my google play store app and realised that is was not allowed to use background data. As soon as i enable background data for the play store app it worked perfectly afterwards. Great!

  •  lestermorris

    lestermorris Loved it but have a question This is clearly one of the best emulators ever and is definitely worth buying and you don't have to pay for those expensive ds games. But I would like to know if this emulator allowes to play games like pokemon Black/White because when I tried loading it up it would just take me back to the countinue game screen and would freeze my phone forcing me to close the app. Please answer and help and I would rate 5 stars thanks! wow lol

  •  bsuburban

    bsuburban Best android emulator. Don't waste your time with free nds apps. This is 1000 x better than those free ones. Just think, you basically get a Nintendo ds and every game for $6. It's a steal. Great ui. No lag. No sound issues. Seriously worth the money. Maybe its not possible, but it would be great if there could be a 2x speed option like in my gba emulator. Thanks dev, and great work!!!!! Surprisingly

  •  ElotsFeenmomo

    ElotsFeenmomo Mind blown. Easily the best use of money I've spent on the playstore. I've only used it for a couple of games so far, but the amount of options on this blow every other emulator I've used out of the water. Keep up the good work! - Galaxy Note 3 Surprisingly

  •  Aegean7

    Aegean7 Love it This is an awesome app. I haven't had any problems with it when playing games on it. Each game comes with a list of cheat codes if you want to make it more fun, but of course use it at your own risk because it might screw up your gameplay. Get an app to unzip files! Took me a while to figure that out. Google love roms to find a website to get the games. Brilliant

  •  MarylandRaul63

    MarylandRaul63 Fantastic app I'm happy to support this dev. The emulator works perfectly with every game I've run, is highly customizable, and I'm able to emulate with everything maxed on my older GS4 with no hiccups. I was hesitant to drop the $6, but the free demo sold me on it. Well worth the money. Worth a go!

  •  oliver03paul

    oliver03paul Great. My old review was stupidity on my part. I've fixed the game mentioned in the last review and this IS the best DS Emulator to exist. Not because I fixed my game or whatever, because this one actually works, has good fps, only lags a little and those moments when it does, it doesnt last long. Great Emulator, definitely worth it. Muito bom!

  •  Oxypeseve

    Oxypeseve It is the best running ds emulator I've seen but the save function is messy. I just saved in game AND with the app and it still reverted back a couple saves. Game boy emulators seem to only save in game and that works a lot better. Starting to get frustrated with my game.... Superb!

  •  dmontal8

    dmontal8 Shortcut for selecting layouts (not cycle) Could you please implement assignable shortcuts for switching to specific layouts? Now there is a cycle shortcut only. I want to switch quickly between Landscape x:1 and 1:1 layouts. Cycling through all not optimal for that. Either previous / next layout shortcuts or specific layout shortcuts (e.g. Activate Landscape x:1), please! love it

  •  singhh4721

    singhh4721 Too big for some reason Used to work great on my Sprint Galaxy S4, and worked great when I first got my S6 Edge. But the last couple of updates have been causing my screen to enlarge to the point where I can't see the virtual pad and I lose the entire right and bottom half of the screen. I bought this app so I could play DS games without coughing up the dough, and having the portability of having it on my phone... EDIT: Problem has been fixed! Things are what they seem now! Love it! Cool



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