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ePSXe für Android ist ein Playstation Emulator (PSX and PSOne). Es ist eine Umsetzung des berühmten ePSXe Emulators für den PC. ePSXe hat eine sehr hohe Kompatibilität (>99%), hohe Geschwindigkeit, und genaue Musik- und Tonwiedergabe. Die App ist für Smartphones und Tablets konzipiert (für 1-4 Spieler) und enthält eine unterhaltsame Zweispielerfunktion mittels geteiltem Bildschirm. Außerdem enthalten sind ein virtuelles Touchscreen-Pad, sowie Unterstützung von Hardware-Controllern (Xperia Play, Smartphones mit Tastatur oder Gamepad, externe Gamepads mit Bluetooth oder USB, z.B. WiiMote, Sixaxis, Xbox 360, Moga, Ipega) und Analogsticks. ePSXe unterstützt OpenGL HD dank dem Peopsxgl Plugin, Cheat Codes, sowie mit der PC-Version kompatible Savestates und Memory Cards. ePSXe bietet native Unterstützung von ARM and Intel Atom X86. Mehr Informationen:

** WICHTIG: ePSXe enthält keine Spiele. Diese müssen vom Benutzer beschafft werden ** Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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  •  hallowharvestbooks

    hallowharvestbooks Amazing compatibility and speed are the best on the market currently. To top it off, the resolution and shader options mean the games will look even better than your rose-tinted glasses make you think they did. Amazing!

  •  manjukg

    manjukg Almost perfect. Works great on all the games I've tested, although there is a minor issue. The only problem I've found is that there is very slight sound lag which can take a little getting used to. If that could be sorted it would be a 5 star app, as it stands it's a solid 4 star. Awesome

  •  jtcinric

    jtcinric Needs more vr options 1st off... the app works fantastic. However, i bought a gear VR just for this app. It needs an even smaller screen size because it is simply way to huge. Cmon devs, give me an XS vr mode. (Id say 30% smaller than small) as of now it just causes eye strain and gives me a headache Superb!

  •  zhagsqnsu

    zhagsqnsu Love it I was hesitant to buy it without knowing how good it is. Developers put out demos and free versions for a reason. Still, i was not disappointed in the least. It took me a minute to figure out how to get it working (used to the simplicity of the John emulators), but once i did, it worked flawlessly. Good job Flawless

  •  deeftBape

    deeftBape I put this ahead of FPse as the best PSX emu on the store Its come on in leaps and bounds recently, lots of very good improvements now enable graphics the PS1itself could only dream of. It uses a plug in system, meaning to get the most out of the app, you'll need to do a little extra work but do bear in mind if you simply wanna play you don't need to really concern yourself with all that. As with any emulator, if you get stuck, try searching for tutorials on youtube. Enjoy it!

  •  krishsum

    krishsum Haven't had a single issue with any PSX titles Great emulator, no compatibility issues with 40 or so psx titles I've tried on it. Recommend a gamepad for some games however. Works perfectly

  •  slulsesot

    slulsesot So awesome to play PlayStation games on your phone Also, they set everything up so easily for you. Most other services like this can be a hassle with plugins, but this works right out of the box with just a BIOS. Marvelous

  •  nawaideli

    nawaideli Can't use HD plugin. Whenever I use the HD plugin the virtual controller blows up on the screen in-game. It's fine with hardware graphics but not HD. I'm using an S7 Edge so why is this happening? I've train various settings and nothing works. Omg

  •  djkfunk

    djkfunk Question for anyone I love this app been hooked on it since I got it best 3 bucks I spent but... I'm playing Metal Gear Solid and I'm fighting Psycho Mantis and I can't figure out how to use the "2nd controller port" Help me! Amazing!

  •  sunnyzhang

    sunnyzhang Wonderful Absolutely wonderful!! Nostalgia is alive! Love playing old games. Some of the best games I never finished are now with me everywhere I go! Best $4 I've ever spent!!! Only problem is the touch R and L buttons but when I want to playing games that need them I just plug in my USB controller!! 5 star

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