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Google Drive bietet allen Ihren Dateien einen sicheren Speicherort und macht sie von allen Smartphones, Tablets oder Computern zugänglich.
Dateien in Google Drive – Videos, Fotos, Dokumente und mehr – werden automatisch gesichert, sodass Sie sie nicht verlieren können.
Und wenn Sie möchten, können Sie ganz einfach andere Personen einladen, Ihre Dateien oder Ordner anzusehen, zu bearbeiten oder zu kommentieren.
Mit Google Drive können Sie
- Ihre Dateien sicher aufbewahren und von überall auf sie zugreifen.
- Dateien anhand von Namen und Inhalt suchen.
- Dateien und Ordner problemlos für andere freigeben.
- Ihre eigenen Inhalte rasch ansehen.
- Anhand von Zugriffsebenen festlegen, wer Inhalte ansehen, kommentieren oder bearbeiten darf.
- Kürzlich bearbeitete Dateien rasch wiederfinden.
- Einzelheiten und Aktivitäten für Ihre Dateien ansehen.
- Die Offlineansicht für Dateien aktivieren.
- Gedruckte Dokumente mithilfe der Kamera Ihres Gerätes scannen.
- Auf Bilder und Videos in Google Fotos zugreifen.

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Kommentare über Google Drive

  •  kisaan

    kisaan I have a suggestion Let us download the entire folder at once. Sometime I want to download a folder which contains many pdfs or images, but I have to download them individually and then rearranging back is a tedious job. Other than that the app is good Works great

  •  integ591

    integ591 Cloud Storage 15 GB of free storage space is good. Add an option to clear search history. An improved search bar after updating and now one can be notified on files being shared. Now searching is more convenient. Great option to choose what type of notification to get. Added a menu for offline and uploaded files which is now more convenient. Easier to view the document before deleting or restoring the files from bin now. New sorting options introduced. Good option to place files on home screen Brilliant

  •  VedarobEaffor

    VedarobEaffor Used it for years 5-stars! I have used this for my documents, photos and back up. Synchronization is a breeze for my Android devices. It is easy to upload files from my scanner/printer on Internet. love it

  •  kyuslvf

    kyuslvf Workout saver! Now I can save a bunch of spin routines without using up a bunch of my phone space. Thank you! Enjoy it!

  •  vujkwqero

    vujkwqero The perfect cloud space. The most reasonable 15 GB makes it different from Skydrive which can change the storage any second. Omg

  •  OCDesignerSourceArt

    OCDesignerSourceArt Password fingerprint protection Would love to see some kind of protection on this app. Ie pin and or fingerprint!!! iOS already has this feature. I use Google Drive all the time. I love the new drag and drop. Much needed feature. Now if we could get that feature in the Calendar app. Perfect!

  •  nworganiccleaning

    nworganiccleaning Drive I love it, I can store my pictures, videos and text files on Drive for free and secured. Perfect

  •  sosiete

    sosiete Great app with regular updates currently version 2.4.311.34.35. Please use Google Play Store's "What's New" with version number; this is too generic and unchanged: "Performance improvements and bug fixes; Recent updates: See your uploads in the Recent view". On HTC One [m7] Vodafone 4g, Android 5.0.2, Sense 6.0, SmartLauncher 3.20.08(beta) Marvelous

  •  jonritter

    jonritter Free Cloud Storage w/ Data Encryption Great for free cloud storage and being able to have cloud access to all of my important files. Needs ebay integration ! Microsoft One cloud storage is available to upload photos to ebay but not Google Drive ? Add ability to upload photos to ebay and its five stars. Worth a go!

  •  laSH009es

    laSH009es I use my drive a lot but I want to be able to use it to backup my phone. I don't want to sync all my drive files to my phone, I just want to use it to backup my phone data. Worth it!



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