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Kommentare über Google+

  •  gmicsv2012

    gmicsv2012 Meh Needs a bit of work, still buggy. Nice but I'd prefer google to upgrade the mobile version like they did the desktop. Perfect

  •  Appendteexing

    Appendteexing Just not into it Guess I'm just too old school, I use Google for my Web use, but many apps use Google+. OK then. Good

  •  jBubble

    jBubble Adding What I dislike about GPlus, people are adding me whom I don't even know no location no info on profiles. I blocked out few people... Surprisingly

  •  Lokkayataliab

    Lokkayataliab G+ Lite Version Stars Upgraded 4.5☆ The G+ App now features Activity that also includes Comment Information as well as full list of Contacts It is easy and quick. Previously G+ used to display Double Sided Arrows that displayed "in their circles", kindly make it visible on New G+ Update too. Had seen a simple tab saying "What is new with you". is now back.. Sometimes, I need to Refresh to view the Communities, Collections Tab. Overall: Awesome App.. Great!

  •  casino012

    casino012 Permissions suck Messenger used to be fine, but then they added permissions enabling access to SMS and MMS text messages. I use texting for different people than I use Messenger for. There is absolutely no need for this app to access my text messages!!!! I know several people who have uninstalled Messenger from their phones because of this. I'm seriously considering doing the same thing. Recommend

  •  melcvjpatric

    melcvjpatric absolutely miss everyone here Haven't been here for a while and got to say that the friends in our circles are awesome! God bless you all with His truth and guidance and love for one another. AMEN Flawless

  •  gvichienrat

    gvichienrat It's contact interface leaves something less to be desired. Needs better integration with Google now, email contacts, hangouts and calendar. Should not need all 5. The display of contacts should be chortled by the phone or plain google not google+. 5 star

  •  ZenDwenoempot

    ZenDwenoempot Google is our part of life. Most technical support we get as per our need, in emergency and domestic both we trust Google. Good

  •  scott86142547103258

    scott86142547103258 Meme catastrophe Watch out! Don't spend your miserable teenage life on it. May the memes be with oyu. Great job

  •  uzihicogw

    uzihicogw welcome To Hotel Kiran Villa Palace Near Bird sanctuary Enterance Gate Bhartpur Fantastic



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