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Mit der Sprachbedienung erhältst du Neuigkeiten, Wetterprognosen und Sportnachrichten und kannst sogar per Freisprechfunktion im Internet suchen. Je mehr du die Google App verwendest, desto besser werden die Ergebnisse. Erlebe eine völlig neue Art, auf deinem Mobilgerät zu suchen.

Bitte Google, dir bei bestimmten Aufgaben zu helfen:
- "Welche guten Restaurants gibt es in der Nähe?"
- "Wo ist mein Paket?"
- "Erinnere mich daran, um 17 Uhr meine Mutter anzurufen."

Sprich anstatt zu tippen*:
- Sag bei jedem beliebigen Bildschirm "Ok Google" und stell eine Frage
- Google spricht die Antwort laut aus

Personalisiere deinen Feed und empfange Benachrichtigungen*:
- Starte deinen Morgen mit dem Wetter, Nachrichten & Verkehrsmeldungen
- Hol dir die neuesten Infos zu Sportereignissen, Filmen & Events
- Halte dich mit aktuellen Börsennachrichten auf dem Laufenden

Weitere Informationen zur Google App findest du unter

* Diese Funktionen sind möglicherweise nicht in allen Ländern verfügbar Mostram as palavras do Editor:
Google Mail, google konto, Google Plus, google-de, Google Play, Google Chrome

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Kommentare über Google

  •  macksmith01

    macksmith01 Use often, update broke voice detection Use this a lot but noticed that the voice detection of 'okay Google' no longer can be disabled from the desktop screen. Tried resetting all storage for the app but that only is a temporary fix, it comes back. I only want voice recognition if I click into the app. Great job

  •  addieford

    addieford Now its bloody hell Aftet the last is not able to do offline search. Now it requires internet at every point to make a search. If I want to call someone by using voice command, it needs an internet connection..!!!! Previous version was awesome for me. So, please fix the bugs because I am used to this app. I just want it to work on offline mode and then I will give 5 Star. Good

  •  exppjwolwz

    exppjwolwz love and hate love it and can't be without it but i hate it when i make sure all my Google apps are updated and it still won't update my cards when i tap on the bar. i don't want to have to type what i need every time... that's what the cards are for right?!? help! love it

  •  chrst5794

    chrst5794 Voice commands WERE working great... Suddenly navigate home or contact fail to function. Must be the new version. Disappointed. Please fix. Update: generally voice commands work fine BUT ONLY IF Google now hears you. This happens about 50% of the time in my experience. Very annoying when you're trying to chain voice commands. Brilliant

  •  SunQingZ

    SunQingZ What happened to all my cards? User to have a variety of suggested news stories but not any more. Now just a carousel of political propaganda. Too much! Marvelous

  •  i0c1pv8s

    i0c1pv8s Voice trainer not working on Xperia Z2 Voice trainer says "can't use the microphone. Restart your device" but even after multiple restarts it does not work. I tried booting in safe mode but still no luck.. Please fix Well done!!

  •  Vantage_FX

    Vantage_FX New version of Google Now works perfectly... for tablets. I'm not a fan of the colourful search bar, too toy town, though I have gotten used to it. ANY info is needed for the 'change log' in "What's New". 'Tis better now! Cool

  •  TokyoPhotoJapan

    TokyoPhotoJapan Undesired news cards. I'm increasingly displeased with the news cards that are being funneled my way. Why do I keep getting stories from providers even after asking not to? Customization interface needs work. Worth a go!

  •  justinmcclure

    justinmcclure Love you more than myself. I've just got no words to describe. Right from awesome commands to navigating to work, tapping for query, requesting a call, Recent updates, news, parcel infos to scores life has just got amazing with tap. OK Google and you are in! Brilliant

  •  glowmediany

    glowmediany Did you ha did you have any idea when Google Play Store created its logo is only a triangle not as a bucket we are waiting for that please make a vailable this logo for everyone as soon as possible love com Bishop mangal your voice is Badshah , Jo Bhi Main Agar Kahoon logo ko jaldi logo ke paas so you will work on it as soon as possible please make it possible 5 star



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