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Schließ dich der ULTIMATIVEN Schlacht um die Herrschaft über das Königreich an! SPIELE KOSTENLOS und erlebe eines der packendsten und mitreißendsten Action-Strategie-MMO-Spiele!

Schließe dich Millionen von Online-Spielern weltweit an, SEI MITGLIED EINER ALLIANZ und finde FREUNDE. HILF, HANDLE und ARBEITE mit ALLIANZMITGLIEDERN ZUSAMMEN, um KÖNIG zu werden!

Baue dein Imperium, ganz wie du möchtest. Bilde deinen HELDEN aus und lass ihn höhere Stufen erreichen!


Fertige Waffen, bette mächtige Edelsteine darin ein und rüste deinen Helden mit mächtigen legendären Waffen aus!

Bilde gewaltige Armeen aus und führe sie in die SCHLACHT! Sieh dir den Kampf in ECHTZEIT auf einer beeindruckenden Weltkarte an, während du das Königreich eroberst!

Schmiede diplomatische Allianzen, um Feinde zu bezwingen! Werde Mitglied der MÄCHTIGSTEN Allianz des Königreichs!

GREIFE das WUNDER an und erobere es, um König zu werden! Verleihe deinen Freunden und Feinden TITEL innerhalb des Königreichs!

Spiele und chatte mit Millionen Spielern in aller Welt in über 32 verschiedenen Sprachen, und das in Echtzeit!

SPRICH UND TAKTIERE mit deiner ALLIANZ und deinen FREUNDEN im CHAT – im Allianz-Chat, privaten Chat oder Chat mit der ganzen Welt. Taktiere mit Freunden oder lass deine Feinde wissen, dass ihre Stunde geschlagen hat!

Verbessere Gebäude, Mauern und Waffen, damit dein IMPERIUM noch stärker wird!

"Dein Standort (wenn verfügbar) kann zur Empfehlung von Allianzen und Freunden im Spiel verwendet werden, um dein Game of War-Spielerlebnis zu verbessern."

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  •  Brayklaokxrop

    Brayklaokxrop To involved for stupid people This is by far the most strategic war game since chess! I don't have the time to go into a fraction of what this game can do, but what I can say is that everyone complaining about GOW simply can't grasp the sheer volume of what this game mandates from the human brain. This is why an extensive amount of player on GOW are doctors, surgeons and business tycoons. If you have a high IQ, a imaginary mind and love to be challenged by some if the most intelligent people around the world, then this game is 4 u. Perfect!

  •  AdamrMuse

    AdamrMuse Build Destroy it seems as though people start thinking like what these games and movies show. Some of the young generation don't think about love and respect or got your back, life's not a game it's real and some things mess a person's life up. Not that easy to kill someone because they are fighting for their lives. Flawless

  •  Cassel

    Cassel Game of war The game is awesome but MZ sucks your bank account dry with all the packs it makes you buy you could have 5k dollar's worth into it before you get big enough to be somebody Highly Recommend.

  •  fatabu

    fatabu Great. Like mobile strike, must send $ to move forward. That's what makes the game not as challenging. Those who can spend become leaders but you can figure out how to spend a set range and know which items to research and improve your bank for a better return rate. Pretty good

  •  tshirts

    tshirts Addictive Been playing for nearly three years now. Only major issue besides cost is the game shutting down constantly and having to be restarted. MZ doesn't seem to be doing anything about this issue since it has been ongoing for some time and has only become worse. Works perfectly

  •  joshuab92

    joshuab92 Good game This is a fun game. It takes a while to build up if you are not buying gold but it gets faster if you join an alliance. Being in alliance is great. Choose wisely, because not all are good sports. It's a great way to get connected to others from all over the planet. Cool

  •  ashik0183

    ashik0183 Addictive Game is so addictive you can't put it down. You'll love it. The ONLY downfall is if you want to get anywhere in the game you need to spend $$$$. I will spend some but not thousands like some do. Still fun to play and meet new ppl... And play daily. Flawless

  •  Dizesheence

    Dizesheence Its ok Its a great game. Its just when you get to big nobody wants to hit you so its not fun anymore. The people are great overall. And its outrageous how much money you have to spend to keep up so you don't burn. Their making it hard to be a trap account with new cores coming out every weekend. Just not fun anymore on either side of playing. Well done!!

  •  krishna51

    krishna51 Mind games I love GOW! It's a game that will keep you coming back for more and more! I was talked into playing it by my brother & sis in law. And I'm so happy I made the decission to start playing. Fun fun and more fun! Fantastic

  •  123456789abc

    123456789abc Upgrades needed This game is awesome no dought about that but I was thinking there should be a option to open all allience gifts at once instead of opening them one at a time. It takes a really long time especially if your in a guild that is huge! Great job

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