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Die epische Schlacht der Affen vs. Bloons weiterhin in diese top-rated-Strategie-Spiel.

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Version: 3.10
Größe: 83M


Fünf-Sterne-Tower-Defense mit unvergleichbarer Tiefe und Wiederspielbarkeit - nun mit 2-Spieler-Co-op-Spiel!Baut herrliche Türme, wählt euer Lieblings-Upgrade, heurt coole neue Spezialagenten an und bringt jeden letzten einfallenden Bloon zum Platzen - in der besten Version der beliebtesten Tower-Defense-Serie aller Zeiten.Bloons TD 5 bietet viele Stunden voller Spielspaß und Herausforderungen sowohl für Fans als auch für neue Spieler, mit unglaublichen Features, wie:- Über 19 mächtige Türme mit aktivierten Fähigkeiten und 2 Upgradepfaden
- Über 30 Strecken
- 2-Spieler-Co-op-Spiel auf benutzerdefinierten Co-op-Strecken
- 10 Spezialagenten
- 10 Spezialmissionen
- Über 250 zufällige Missionen
- Neue Bloon-Gegner - robustere Camos, Regrower-Bloons und die furchterregenden ZOMG
- 3 unterschiedliche Spielmodi
- Freispielmodus nach Bewältigung einer Strecke
- 3 Schwierigkeitsstufen und familienfreundliche Motive, damit jeder spielen kannUnd das ist erst der Anfang - durch eine lange Liste geplanter Updates bleibt Bloons TD 5 viele weitere Monate frisch, lustig und herausfordernd. Nun ist es an der Zeit, einige Bloons zum Platzen zu bringen! Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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  •  RoselleFord

    RoselleFord Decided to re-download I really enjoyed the game on my last phone, which was a Samsung, but now that I'm on my new phone it won't load my old data. Help? (My old data shows up on the Facebook high scores too which is weird) Great!

  •  kitapbigi

    kitapbigi Never before has a game made me more frustrated. It's beyond challenging. Every time I close my eyes, I see bloons everywhere. These infernal orbs will devour your sanity. Five stars. wow lol

  •  lindafox

    lindafox Updates make the app Since I downloaded the app a while ago, there has been so much new content added. They don't just hang you out to dry once you pay. Lots of content has been added since I bought it. Fabulous!

  •  SteveWaganer

    SteveWaganer it's a good game, but it does need improving. like as soon as you get to level 86, it's impossible to get through, even when the other levels are a breeze. so it needs to improve there Just wow

  •  RainMaker2010

    RainMaker2010 Amazing but..? Spent endless hour's playing it until I was rank 137 and after that I stopped playing so plz add more maps and monkeys Fabulous!

  •  ameer66

    ameer66 Time waster I think I have aged by 3 years by just playing this game for 5 minutes. I get so invested in the game that time just fly's by. Good job! This is worth the money as you will be coming back to this game over and over again. 5 star

  •  alexis6286

    alexis6286 Best TD game ever. I've been a fan of the series since the very first bloons, even before the tower defences, and this is no different. Possibly the best tower defence game ever, and must better than the browser version. All the issues like resetting have been fixed. The only complaint I could have would be the lack of many special missions, which were really fun. The inapp purchases are definitely not needed, they just enable the highest levels to be completed, and only 1 premium is actually overpowered. All in all this is a must have as far as mobile games go. Download BMC as well. Not bad

  •  brittwhatvr

    brittwhatvr !?! ALL MY STUFF IS GONE!!!!I was in a multiplayer game and my tablet shut off and when I went back on the game it restarted me!I WANT MY GAME BACK!I was at level 49!almost to 50!I really love this game! Worth it!

  •  xlaxmz

    xlaxmz Still hasn't been fixed please look into these online issues. Latest Update issues: Two issues involving server error and towers loading too long when playing with someone Please fix server error disconnecting randomly players and two please fix towers there loading too long online when anyone plays with someone. Please take the initiative ninjakiwi and fix these problems. Other then that good job. Amazing!

  •  mariamfreame

    mariamfreame Hours of TD Greatness Devs still have yet to fix the fact that this game will not stop your device from timing out. Irritating on a game where most of your time is spent watching the mayhem. Lower quality graphics would also be a welcome option to minimize lag on levels beyond 85. Still more than worth the purchase, however. Recommend



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