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Die realistischste sky Karte, um zu beobachten, Sterne, Planeten und Konstellationen!

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Stellarium Mobile ist ein voll ausgestattetes Planetarium für Ihr Handy. Es zeigt einen realistischen 3D Himmelskarte, so wie man ihn mit bloßem Auge, Fernglas oder Teleskop sehen kann.Diese preisgekrönte Astronomie-Anwendung ist jetzt auch auf Android verfügbar mit:* Eine sehr intuitive Touchscreen-Benutzeroberfläche
* Die Integration der GPS-Positionierung
* Die Steuerung der Blickrichtung unter Verwendung der Vorrichtung Beschleunigungsmesser
* Einen Katalog von über 600.000 Sternen
* Asterisms und Abbildungen der Konstellationen für mehrere Himmel Kulturen
* Realistische Milchstraße
* Realistische Landschaft und Atmosphäre mit Sonnenaufgang und Sonnenuntergang
* 3D-Rendering der großen Solaranlage Planeten und ihre Satelliten
* Und vieles mehr ...

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Kommentare über Stellarium Mobile Himmelskarte

  •  zztops

    zztops The sky doesn't rotate when you move the phone. Can not get out of full screen.. Brilliant

  •  jonesmclaren

    jonesmclaren Great app. Needs an exit button Why is there no exit button for those who have no hard coded home or option buttons? There's no way to get them to show up. Otherwise the gyroscope mode is pretty awesome and works way better than I thought. Using the Nexus 6P. Recommend

  •  Ohthethingsmommiesdo

    Ohthethingsmommiesdo I have used the pc version for years and love it. So great to finally have it on my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime! And it runs great on it too. love it

  •  Unjummamy

    Unjummamy A question Hi, how accurate Stellarium is? I recently purchased and considered to use as a tool for celestial navigation at sea. Regards. love it

  •  Kneentyheds

    Kneentyheds Excellent Everything you've admired about the desktop version here in the app. It works in exactly the same way. Simple, elegant, accurate; truly excellent - and this is on a modest Moto 2nd gen running Marshmallow. Update: Don't touch the satellite overlay. There's a bug which propagates, knocking out the constellation overlay and, much more importantly, the proper star names (not the Bayer and Flamsteed designations) in the identification window that pops up when you select a star. Needed to reinstall. One star off until it's fixed. Good

  •  eginni

    eginni The Best! But Please Fix satellite functionality for Galaxy S7 Edge !!! Maybe its because of the Android 6.01 or The phone itself?? It used to work fine on S5 and other older devices. Everything works except satellites view mode on S7Edge phone. It makes the app get stuck until you uncheck the satellite view icon. Hope it gets fixed soon. Enjoy it!

  •  lookup4

    lookup4 Probably The Best Of Its Kind I've had the Windows version for some years. Android version is a bit touchy in the drag-to-change-the-time mode. The sheer number of natural and artificial sky objects in its catalog more than makes up for that. Flawless

  •  sachardentalhealth

    sachardentalhealth Elegant reduction of Stellarium for the small screen. The underlying sky simulation is gorgeous. Possibly the labels are a little too dominant when you bring them up, but there's really very little fine tuning needed. A major suggestion would be a PLANISPHERE MODE - with labelling optimized for half-sky views. Ideally it would let you tap on a constellation name to bring it up in more detail on a full screen. (The idea is for a functional replacement of field-guide astronomy books.) wow lol

  •  buy Alprazolam
    buy Alprazolam

    buy Alprazolam Absolute classic Indispensable tool available both on Linux and Windows desktop as well as android. Worth a go!

  •  bruplecer

    bruplecer Love it I love it, after the desktop app i had to install also the mobile. There is one small problem, the "constellation line" option doesn't work for me, nothing happens when I press it. I have nexus 4 with CM 12.1. I hope you'll fix that in the next update. EDIT: The constellation line thickness should be 3 or more, and then it is visible. Surprisingly

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