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Noise Meter
Messen Sie die Lautstärke des Sounds mit Ihrem Android.
Einfach zu bedienen und leistungsstark.
Unterstützen Sie die digitalen Filter. Sie können die Filter-Kurve.

Support Sprachen: Arabisch, Englisch, Koreanisch, Polnisch, Portugiesisch, Russisch, Spanisch, Schwedisch.

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Erfordert keine unnötigen Berechtigungen.

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Ein. Hintergrund Messungen.
2. Zeige Durchschnitt Leq, min, max und Peak dB
3. Benutzer definieren Update-Rate
4. High-und Low-Alarm
5. dBA, dBB, dBC, ITU-R 468, Low, High, Band-Pass-Filter.
6. Zeigt die Filter-Kurve.
7. Halten Bildschirm
8. Logging und Log Viewer
9. Helligkeitsmessungen. (lux)
10. Spektrumanalyse.

Diese Anwendung soll nicht an die Stelle des wissenschaftlichen Instrumenten verwendet werden.

Je nach Gerät kann auch durch Unterschiede in der Messung verursacht werden.

Vorrichtungen, die die AGC (Automatic Gain Control) wird erhebliche Messfehler. Dies ist nicht app Schuld.

Lärm Sound Light-Pegelanzeige
dB Lux Gegen


Noise Meter
Measure the volume of sounds using your ANDROID.
Easy to Use and Powerful.
Support the digital filter. You can see the filter curve.

Support languages : Arabic, English, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.

There are no ad.
Does not require any unnecessary permissions.

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1. Background measurements.
2. Show average, Leq, min, max and peak dB
3. User define update rate
4. High and Low alarm
5. dBA, dBB, dBC, ITU-R 468, Low, High, Band pass filter.
6. Shows the filter curve.
7. Keep screen
8. Logging and log viewer
9. Brightness measurements. (lux)
10. Spectrum analysis.

This application is not meant to be used in place of scientific instrumentation.

Depending on the device can also be caused by differences in measurement.

Devices employing AGC (Automatic Gain Control) will have significant measurement errors. This is not app's fault.

Noise Sound Light level meter
dB Lux counter Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Kommentare über Noise Meter

  •  robinhorton

    robinhorton Very Useful Very practical app to know ambience noise or sound level. No spamming with ads clean interface. Perfect

  •  pvenus

    pvenus Best Sound Meter App on the Market Great Sound (and light) meter App. No Ads and free! ... Just buy the author some coffee from within the app if you like. Also comes with high and low pass filters and sample rate adjustment and triggered alarms based on sound volume. Omg

  •  stonefield

    stonefield Noise Meter Sound level indicator. Easy install, easy to use, great general purpose gauge of noise levels. Also doubles as a reminder to very vocal individuals at your table.

  •  health

    health Spectacular! This is far more than a decibel meter. It also displays frequencies (50Hz to 20,000Hz) along with the decibels, and the relationship between the two... or just decibels via a graph... or simple numbers. This app not only is the most useful of the half dozen I tried, it is also beautifully designed, After seeing this, I uninstalled all the others. This is definitely the go-to version.

  •  rohith888

    rohith888 Measurement's OK on Nexus 5, but untrustworthy on Nexus 9 All the required features are there and it is the only app able to detect sound above 81 DB on Nexus 5 with Android 6.0. The graph could be a little smoother though. However, the measurements are inaccurate on Nexus 9.

  •  woyexiang

    woyexiang Tried Several, My favorite I have tried several noise meters. This combines the best of all of them into one. Also has sweet advanced features. i.e. adjusting gain to ensure accuracy of readings :) Also has a sweet light sensor...can't go wrong with this app!! Love new UI update!

  •  Dgkewbkkwtidb

    Dgkewbkkwtidb Company HSC Is there any way to calibrate this app? That would make it more useful and I could easily rate 5 stars then

  •  ieenmsu

    ieenmsu Keeps getting better! I love this app, really. I find myself using it all the time. How loud was that plane? Or fireworks, or the neighbors dog? My husband downloaded it too see how loud some of the plants he works in are (he fixes electronics on machines all over the US) he had no idea how loud they actual are, he had to up the level of ear protection he uses. THANKS PARK, AWESOME APP.

  •  PantAppaf

    PantAppaf Simple and effective I use this app regularly at work to display noise differences on glazing products . ..great work devs ( returned to add 5th*)

  •  ektaavian

    ektaavian Ahhh ya right I went to a "silent area" and the noise level was48-53db according to this app. I went in to an area where we where ear plugs and ear Muffs over the ear plugs and it went up 10 db. This app just wants access to your info. Will be un-installing it shortly.



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