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Schützen Sie all Ihre digitalen Daten mit IDrive!

IDrive ist das sichere Backup all Ihrer mobilen Daten mit Private Key Verschlüsselung, einer Datenverschlüsselung mit einem privaten Verschlüsselungscode – dem höchsten Datenschutz, den es derzeit gibt. Nur Sie allein haben Zugriff auf Ihre Dateien. Sie können Backups mehrerer Geräte auf einem Account erstellen und Dateien auf all Ihren Geräten synchronisieren, sodass Sie von überall aus auf sie zugreifen können.

• Backup und Wiederherstellung von Kontakten, Fotos, Videos und Kalendern mit einem einzigen Tastendruck

• Leichte Synchronisation von Dateien auf allen verknüpften Geräten

• Verknüpfen Sie Ihre Geräte mit einem einzigen Account und Sie haben von überall aus Zugriff auf Ihre Daten.

• Instagram- und Facebook-Backup

• Selektives Backup und Wiederherstellung von Dateien

• Teilen von Dateien und Ordnern mit anderen über einen einzigen, sicheren Link

• Die automatische Upload-Option schützt Ihre Fotos und Videos sobald sie mit WiFi oder Mobilgerätedaten gemacht werden

• Galerieansicht für problemlose Durchsicht all Ihrer Bilder und Videos.


• Privater Verschlüsselungscode gewährleistet, dass nur Sie allein Zugriff auf Ihre Daten haben

• Sperrung der App durch Passwort

• Leichte Entfernung von verlorenen oder gestohlenen Geräten aus IDrive Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Kommentare über IDrive Online Backup

  •  czibey

    czibey Battery Drain The app itself works fine, but it drains my battery like a vampire on steroids. Even when it's not actively uploading! 5 star

  •  classiclacewigs

    classiclacewigs Awesome service plus after-sales support I am using IDrive as my second cloud backup because of the cheap subscription. There was a problem with the subscription renewal and I wrote an email through the contact provided. The issue was resolved as quickly as possible. Kudos to the team and 5 stars for the effort! Pretty good

  •  yourhookupguide

    yourhookupguide Not bad until it froze.. I've had this app for 2 years now (unlimited storage) and saved pics, movies and apps but when my phone started to freeze and shut off for no reason at all.. I would have never guessed this app was the culprit. Although, I still like it for saving my pics, now I just logout after uploading this way it doesn't drain my battery or freeze my phone.!! Works great

  •  suehuang

    suehuang The Backup I've Been Looking For. There are plenty of resources for backing up my files, but none can compare to IDrive. I'm backing up all my stuff - documents, music, pictures and my apps with no worries. Super encryption and unlimited space (I upgraded) make this a first-rate app. Plus, with IDrive WiFi I can make local backups too. Some have complained about how user un-friendly the UI is. This app is not intended to be a file manager. It's a set it and forget it service. ~Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Recommend

  •  dejavuthriftshop

    dejavuthriftshop Transferring was easy. Easy to use. Only problem was went from 1 samsung to another and it didn't transfer in to the same folders. Be good if you could select the destination folder. Works great

  •  champtimothy

    champtimothy IDrive Backup App Quite possibly, the most SECURE "cloud storage" app available...With 256 bit encryption, we are talking about "Military-Grade Encryption" here. I was in the military, so I am familiar with this type of security measure. Anyone with "IDrive Backup" can rest assured knowing that the chance of their data being stolen are about as likely as mankind travelling to the planet Jupiter by flying there without a spacecraft!! 5 stars out of 5, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IDrive to anyone interested in SECURITY!!! Not bad

  •  kafeidou008

    kafeidou008 Old iPhone ui, super slow Apart from the old iPhonish ui, the app is soooo slow that the only thing I remember from using it are the loading dialogs. I would also like to be able to choose which folders I want to be backed up, and not all my files by default! Htc one m8 Enjoy it!

  •  triska

    triska I LOVE THIS APP With an iDrive subscription, I can backup my mac computer and my android cell phone, so I don't lose any data, especially pictures. Also, iDrive will only back up my data when connected to WiFi, so no cellular data is used 5 star

  •  ashley_lces

    ashley_lces Ease of use Very simple and basic UI. Love the pricing of your service which is why I'm giving you 5 stars. Now to the Devs: The UI is simple and needs more complexity to it. There is a need for more graphical content in the menus. Additionally, the file system needs to be more transparent as so I can see which folder I'm looking in without having to skip back 10 directories to find out. The backup feature needs to have more options and functionality added. Otherwise A+ this is a solid and stable app, it just req Works perfectly

  •  iaccess

    iaccess i Drive On Line Bast Backup App Contacts & Sms & Photos & Videos 'Ultimate app' *****5***** Surprisingly

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