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The Holy Quran is an Islamic sacred book, believed to be the word of God as dictated to Muhammad [PBUH]. Al Quran Mp3: Urdu English Translation Quran app is to listen Holy Coran in Arabic and Urdu languages. Al Koran Mp3: Urdu English Translation Quran is best quran app for android from thousands of reading apps. This quran majeed full book consists on all Surat Quran and all Quran 30 juz. In this all surat app you can read quran pak all surat and listen Quran with emotional and nice voice of Arabic reciter with Urdu translation. This Koran e Kareem with English translation is with English variable font size. Holy Quran free English translation app is in real Holy Quran mp3. Quran Sharif translation in English is offline.
People search full Quran with audio and reading for reading Quran in a good manner. Al Quran Mp3: Urdu English Translation Coran is full Quran with translation to read and listen in Arabic and Urdu. It is not only Coran recitation with Urdu translation but English translation is also available in Quran Majeed audio mp3. This Al Quran Mp3: Urdu English Translation Quran is different from other best Quran with Urdu translation apps because it is with Quran translation in English also.
Quran study is important for true Muslims. A good Quran reader is also a good Quran explorer. Al Quran Mp3: Urdu English Translation Quran is not English to English translated but this Quran translated into Urdu audio and written English. All Quranic verses are in Arabic font with colorful back ground. Many people this best Quran app completed listings.
Al Quran Mp3: Urdu English Translation Quran is a complete Full Al Quran app with All Quran Ayats in multiple languages with meaning as English & Urdu. This Mp3 Quran recitation is recited by Arabic reciter or Qari with audio translation. It is great app to complete the Holy Quran for Ramadan 2018. Now keep Holy Quran app wherever you go. Read Quran with Tajwid to understand and pronounce Quran Ayat perfectly, Listen Mp3 Quran online.
القرآن Mp3: Arabic English Translation قرآن is an audio app of quaran for 360 muslims. القران is a nice book المصحف. This القرآن الكريم Mp3: Arabic English Translation قرأن كريم has easy to use simple features. القران الكريم is book of Allah. This Quran pro islamic app is قرآن آندرويد. In this feature open any Juz or Surah directly from index. It has all 30 chapters and 114 surahs. Resume option will take you to the page where you left reading last time. With go-to page number option you can jump to a page or juz of Holy quran with engliosh translation instantly. Toolbars or setting has been added to Holy Quran pages to quickly access useful functions such as save bookmark, night-mode page back ground color change, page overlay and other settings.
Its special feature is bookmarks to save your awesome favorite surah or many page with unlimited bookmarks. While reading just tap the bookmark icon in setting toolbar to save the current page. New bookmarks can also be added from bookmarks menu to remember or for reference.
Al Quran Mp3: Urdu English Translation Quran Feetures:-
Available awesome light and dark themes.
Surah Index of 114 surah or Surah list of 114 surat.
Index of 30 juz or list of 30 Juz.
English translation text
Audio mp3 murattal 30 Juz with heart touching reciter sound
Audio Control as play, pause, stop, next verse, previous verse,.
Bookmark verses.
Backup-restore bookmark and marked last read to the Cloud.

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