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LuckyZen Solitaire Games

Best FREE CLASSIC SOLITAIRE (oder Klondike Solitaire / Patience) Spiel für Android!

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Version: 2.120.0
Größe: 16M


Spiele das #1 GRATIS SOLITÄR (oder Klondike Solitär / Patience) Kartenspiel für Android!

Klassisches Solitär, auch bekannt als Patience Solitär, ist die beliebteste Solitäre-Variante in der Welt. Probiere unsere GRATIS SOLITÄRE Kartenspiel APP! Sie ist genauso kurzweilig und süchtig-machend wie klassisches Solitär.


· Wunderschöne Grafik
· Klondike Undo Feature
· Unbegrenztes gratis Undo
· Unbegrenzte gratis Hinweise
· ""Alle Gewinnen"" Option
· Zeit-Modus
· Ziehe 1 oder 3 Karten
· Auto-complete für geschaffte Spiele
· Statistiken
· Persönliche Bestenliste
· Wähle Deinen Kartenstil
· Linke-Hand Modus
· Tablet Unterstützung
· Portrait-Modus
· Landschaft-Modus

Simpel und süchtig-machend, Solitäre Klassik wird Dich an die Glanzzeiten von Solitäre erinnern! Wir haben die Quintessenz des Originals extrahiert und auf den neusten Stand der Technik gebracht.

Manch anderen Solitäre-Spielen konzentrieren sich zu sehr auf Gimmicks oder sind nicht abgerundet, damit lenken sie von der Kern-Erfahrung ab. Solitäre Klassik meistert die perfekte Balance zwischen klassischem Solitäre-Gameplay und modernem Design. Alle Optionen nach denen Dein Solitäre-Herz schlägt sind vorhanden!

Worauf wartest Du noch? Diese geniale Spieleperle ist die ultimative Solitäre Herausforderung. Spiele Solitäre Klassik noch heute GRATIS für Android!

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Kommentare über Solitäre

  •  sdleger

    sdleger It works really well and is fun but I agree with the comment about the ads. Sometimes way to slow to load but honestly that's a minor issue Go well

  •  rymigocm

    rymigocm Too many ads Standard solitaire game. Good time waster for when you are bored. Way too many ads though - really annoying. Muito bom!

  •  Godsvictory

    Godsvictory It's solitare It has daily challenges and normal gameplay. The adds pop up AFTER every game not in the middle but watch out cuz they are for solitare games and some of them look like this one. But the back button or the x at the top close it out easy enough. Highly Recommend.

  •  johncarten

    johncarten Great game Game works well,havent had any troubles with it and I live in country where signal is weak. Enjoy it!

  •  miss84_swathi

    miss84_swathi Great Time Killer I love that I can just tap a card to move it; instead of dragging each card for every play. The animations and layout themes are fun. Ads are not too invasive; turn wi-fi/4g off to avoid them. This is my favorite solitaire app on the market. Not bad

  •  fightprediction

    fightprediction Solitaire I like this better than the last version. I can see the # of cards that need to be turned up in each pile, for one. The cards are clear and easy to see. That helps when you are playing against time. Go well

  •  RayanPaul

    RayanPaul Fun and Well Designed But... This game is fun and ascetically appealing but the adverts are an issue. Sometimes they lag in appearance, I click the screen thinking my phone has frozen, and I'm taken to the advertisement web page. The biggest issue I have with this app is how it drains my battery. I can play for 15 minutes and go from fully charged to 50%. It may just be my phone but this really sucks. Great!

  •  pierreulu

    pierreulu Fun, but too many ads This is a fun game. The only problem is the ads. I expect some ads from a free game but some ads are very intrusive. Awesome

  •  kushp8

    kushp8 Good time waster when I have a little downtime I enjoyed this game on iOS and was really glad they make this game for Android. The game isn't as smooth on my Nexus 6P as it was on my iPhone 6S Plus but that could be just differences between the phones, OS or literally anything. Thanks! Not bad

  •  sbyyzgzc

    sbyyzgzc Install request bothersome At the completion of a hand I get the installation screen offering the app I am currently using. It's bothersome. Surprisingly



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