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TeamSpeak 3 – Gamer die erste Wahl für voice-chat-software jetzt wieder auf Android.

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Mit einem Kunden von Grund auf neu zu erstellen die Programmierer von Teamspeak 3 die Lücke zu schließen und bringen Ihnen die ultimative Teamspeak Gefühl zu Ihrem Android-Gerät. Viele Kunden und Admin-Funktionen wurden implementiert, um unseren Nutzern die beste Teamspeak Erfahrung jemals auf Android zu geben. Die wichtigsten sind:    -Server-, Channel- und private Chats
    -Automatische Weg Status auf eingehende Anrufe
    -Erstellen Und Verwalten von Kanälen
    -Administration Der Benutzer Funktionen: Auf dem Weg, das Verbot, treten, klagen, Sperrung usw.Bitte besuchen Sie unsere Foren, um eine ausführliche Liste der Features.
Bleiben Sie in Verbindung mit Ihren Freunden, Teamkollegen, Familie und erhalten Sie Ihre TeamSpeak3 Client für Android jetzt.

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Kommentare über TeamSpeak 3

  •  JerrySlauter53

    JerrySlauter53 Good audio quality, fairly full featured It's pleasing how much of the desktop client functionality is implemented. Two desirable feature improvements: 1.) A combined view when chatting so one can see who is speaking. E.g. just pop up the current speaker at the top. 2.) An integrated push-to-talk button on the *chat* window. (I only have power and volume hardware buttons on my phone.) I love the dark theme, by the way. Fabulous!

  •  leonelheath716

    leonelheath716 It's quite a good app and does everything it should do, but there's one thing which is just esthetic, but a bit annyoing. It seems that the order of group icons is determined by the group id and not like at the pc by the sort id. If it is possible to fix this it would be great :D Well done!!

  •  emanuelarnol11

    emanuelarnol11 Security Issue For some servers there is a security limit. When I try to connect, app tells me i need to import an identity which is at least 23 level. I don't have the same problem on pc so could someone help me? Great job

  •  Annemyarradly

    Annemyarradly Its great but The mic is the isse it worked twice on ts and I know mine's. Not broken cause. I use it on facebook calls skype phone call but ts isnt workin with my Mic please fix this issue and apparetly when it did work it made me sound like a dude any way other crap so far works but the mic is the issue only with this app please fix it Omg

  •  Iodigeonget

    Iodigeonget Buggy for Android 6 but works like a charm Yes, on Android 6 there is a notification bug, however it's not "running", to remove the notification status, start the app and then close it. Other than that it works, with a little fixing it will be awesome. Pretty good

  •  Larpseusa

    Larpseusa How long can it take being connected? I have been online 1 dan and 8 hours on my TS then I dropped,I am not sure did my Mobile Network died or the App crashed,how long this version can be connected without dropping connection? Just wow

  •  ncwyhcwhksz

    ncwyhcwhksz Its fine I haven't had any of the problems other people have been having and I'm basically on it all day. No bugs so far, great app. I don't know why others are having problems because my phone sucks and I can still run it. XD 5 star

  •  bernardcarston32

    bernardcarston32 OMG how dare you make a living! Amazed by the negative comments regarding the £1.49 price tag. You can't even buy a beer for that. Why do people expect good services for free? Great app and future development needs to be paid for. Perfect

  •  RonnyFromJersey

    RonnyFromJersey Love it but The only thing I hate about this app is if I get a call while im in teamspeak the teamspeak crashes everytime after im done with the call.If theres a way to fix it please do :) Great job

  •  javette

    javette Nice & easy to use I love this app. It is easy to use... but I have problem with it , because it is not free..! love it



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