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Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords ist eine mobile Version vom weltweit größten Katalog von Tabulaturen und Akkorden für Gitarre und Ukulele mit den Liedtexten, auch offline erreichbar. Üben Sie Ihre Lieblingslieder mit der akustischen, elektrischen Gitarre und Ukulete ein. Holen Sie sich mehr als 1 000 000 Akkorde mit täglich kostenlosen Updates und die neuesten hinzugefügten Songs! Mit unseren interaktiven Lernprogrammen können Sie Gitarre von Grund auf spielen lernen oder Ihre Fähigkeiten auffrischen

Das App enthält:
• Die populärsten Lieder in den aktuellsten Ausgaben
• Akkorde und Gitarrenpartituren für mehr als 400.000 Songs
• Akkord-Diagramme mit Notenaufstellung auf dem Griffbrett. Jeder Akkord besitzt verschiedene Varianten
• Kostenlose tägliche Aktualisierungen
• Lieblings Tabs offline zugänglich
• Leichte und einfache Suche nach Typ, Schwierigkeitsstufen und Bewertungen
• Auto-Scroll

Geniale Upgrades (verfügbar als In-App-Kauf):
• Zugang an mehr als 200.000 interaktive Tabs mit echtem Playback-Sound
• Mehrere Instrumenten-Spuren
• Präziser Tuner
• Genaues Metronom
• Akkord-Bibliothek mit mehr als 2 Millionen Akkorden
• Drucken und Weiterleiten von Akkorden Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Kommentare über Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords

  •  helkay

    helkay Keeps asking for more of my money The app is decent at best but keeps on asking for more of my money to upgrade to premium. Seriously, every time I open the app I don't want to see an offer for the $10 version. Besides, the $4.99 version of the app is barely worth it for me, so I couldn't imagine that spending $10 more would be at all worth it. Also, The app advertizes all these cool features, but they require premium. All you really get with the normal version is tabs. Must have

  •  oebxloqeu

    oebxloqeu Video link Issue I love this app but since I installed the latest version some of the videos for songs and lessons which played in previous version of the app will now not play but instead will start stop and pause. Please fix as I want to continue to use my phone is HTC m 8 Fantastic

  •  jeffhirz

    jeffhirz Great With a bit o' lovely cash, this application is perfect for any style if musician :), would highly recommend. I wouldn't recommend just using the free version unless you're a bug fan of adverts.. Go well

  •  evantrimark

    evantrimark Amazing app Just started learning guitar in January and this app made it so much easier. Only problem the last few days the songs aren't scrolling. Not sure why but I can't scroll and play at the same time. It's frustrating. Otherwise I've had no issues until now. Worth a go!

  •  fitnessmegashop

    fitnessmegashop Intermediate to Expert! I can already tell I'll be better in no time! Super helpful for chords you're having trouble with, and even shows you new, simple songs to practice with. Well worth it! Thank you, UG! Enjoy it!

  •  Afteam

    Afteam Well worth it. I got the full version and it is wonderful. Almost every song I can think of is there, even though I like a lot of really old and not well known songs. Thanks for such a useful app. Fantastic

  •  suehawkins60

    suehawkins60 The app closes automatically I don't know if it my tablet or the app but when I try to play the song on the app its crashes Brilliant

  •  Complete_Savings

    Complete_Savings Scroll bar Can we please bring it back ? Yes , I am STILL printing and deleting Amazing!

  •  InternetTalks

    InternetTalks It's Awesome. I admit I have used other apps for getting a tab but, Ultimate Guitar Tabs is way beyond what others offer. It had a lot of whistles and bells and they are there to add to the search and find and display and they are all very helpful and its not a bloated experience. I recommend this app if you are serious about plying better and learning with each use. Well worth the price. Flawless

  •  ambikashetty

    ambikashetty Great Like the favorites feature. Only draw back is that I can't get it saved onto the external sd card. Great!

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