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Version: 1.5.1
Größe: 5.2M


Hervorragender Kundensupport ist an den Kunden gebunden, nicht an den Schreibtisch. Zendesk Support für Android ist für Teamleiter und Agenten gebaut, die auch unterwegs Kunden betreuen.

Zendesk Support für Android bietet folgende Funktionen:
• Zugriff auf Ihre Ticketansichten
• Sortieren und Gruppieren von Ticketlisten
• Durchblättern von Tickets durch Wischen nach links oder rechts
• Echtzeit-Auflistung der Ticketaktivitäten in einem Benachrichtigungsfeed
• Push-Benachrichtigungen bei der Aktualisierung von Tickets
• Konfigurieren von Art und Uhrzeit von Benachrichtigungen
• Anzeigen der Ticketdetails, darunter Kommentare mit Rich-Text und Inline-Bildern
• Beantworten von Tickets und Aktualisieren von Mitarbeiter-, CC-, Stichwort- und anderen Ticketfeldern
• Anwenden vordefinierter Antworten (Makros) auf Tickets mit häufig gestellten Fragen
• Vorschau von Makroänderungen
• Hochladen und Anzeigen von Ticketanhängen
• Aufnehmen von Fotos und Anhängen an ein Ticket
• Durchsuchen von Tickets
• Deep-Linking von E-Mails mit Tickets
• Fortsetzen der Ticketbearbeitung an der Stelle, an der Sie von der Mobil- zur Desktopversion gewechselt haben (Mac)
• Hinterlassen von Feedback und Melden von Problemen direkt in der App

Zendesk entwickelt Software für bessere Kundenbeziehungen. Zendesk Support ist ein traumhaft einfaches System zum Verfolgen, Priorisieren und Lösen von Kundensupporttickets. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Kommentare über Zendesk Support

  •  somalingam

    somalingam Close to perfect I do have a free text field, if i type info into that on pc and then look at it on the app there is no text. Was like that Samsung galaxy s4 and now on s7 edge aswell Flawless

  •  hutch2466

    hutch2466 Crashes when opening tickets When opening some tickets the app crashes. This happens every time those tickets are opened. I've tried clearing app data and re-installing the app but it keep crashing. Not that useful if I can't rely on the app Good

  •  floridavwrentals

    floridavwrentals Gets the job done The app works well. If I had any complaints they would be about organization options for tickets and more than 3 options for quick access. Perfect!

  •  fatimezahra

    fatimezahra Intuitive, functional, easy to use Quick to setup and customise. Managing my team and ticket queues is a piece of cake. Perfect

  •  sandeekaycee

    sandeekaycee Should confirm post privacy I've overall been very happy with the app. My one gripe is that it's very hard in the mobile ui to see that you're about to make a private or public post -- I don't think it's nearly as clear as the web. I think that for mobile, this should be much more front and center, perhaps even as a selection made after hitting the send button. Other than that, there are a whole boatload of wishlist features, but for viewing and responding to tickets, it's been very satisfactory. Works great

  •  aqua13

    aqua13 Cool app It's a great app. I would like to see more of the info from the desktop version migrate to the mobile version. The sort feature leaves a little to be desired when compared to the desktop version. But over all a great app. Enjoy it!

  •  reinaldogord0923

    reinaldogord0923 Need to add functionality Can't enter or see user info such as phone number which makes the app useless if you need to call someone! For simply replying to messages, it works. Fabulous!

  •  sportsconference

    sportsconference Help center links needed Wish I could find a way to get the help center apps linked without having to create macros. Prefer of access. Just wow

  •  stevenhead0616

    stevenhead0616 Good mobile version This is a handy app. Only issue I have is that when I click ticket links from emails, it doesn't give me the option to open it and view from the app. (Similar to the functionality when doing this on my laptop.) Go well

  •  carlope

    carlope 4 stars For an IT professional on the go, the app has been very helpful to ensure I not only log my time but also inform management of any issues we may have quickly and effectively

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