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Version: 9.1.151636499.DR9_RC19
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Duo ist eine Videoanruf-App für zwei Gesprächsteilnehmer und die wichtigsten Momente im Leben – ohne unnötigen Schnickschnack, unkompliziert und verlässlich.


Einfache Oberfläche
Mit nur einmal Tippen kannst du jeden Kontakt anrufen und dank der schlichten Benutzeroberfläche steht das Video im Vordergrund.

Durch die Live-Videovorschau von Duo siehst du bereits vor dem Annehmen, wer anruft.

Hohe Videoqualität
Die Videoanrufe sind schneller und verlässlicher, ob über WLAN oder unterwegs.

Mit nur einer App kannst du jetzt mit allen deinen Kontakten per Video telefonieren.

Starte Audioanrufe mit deinen Freunden, wenn kein Videoanruf möglich ist.

*Für die Datenübertragung können Gebühren anfallen. Weitere Informationen erhältst du von deinem Mobilfunkanbieter. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Kommentare über Google Duo

  •  Skivaappera

    Skivaappera Great app by Google...but need improvements I downloaded this app as soon as google released it and had a great experience so far. Its a nice answer to Apple's FaceTime. I also faced some issues when I made a call using Bluetooth headset. I was able to hear their voice but they couldn't hear mine. Also, sometimes my friends tried to call me but all I got was a missed call notification rather than a ringtone. I hope google would fix these issues in the future updates. Nice job Google... Superb!


    USERNAME Excellent quality! But i have an issue (or is it according to specification?) 1) Connected to WiFi at home. 2) As soon as i open Duo, WiFi + LTE labels appear on my notification bar. 3) Make a Duo call no problems 4) End the call - WiFi + LTE label still present 5) Exit Dup - WiFi + LTE label still present 6) Close Duo from my recent apps tab - LTE label dissapears. Does Duo somehow use 4G while im using the application? Just wow

  •  richwaldman

    richwaldman It's OK. But no-one will use it. Not much different from Hangouts, yet another app. Absolutely nobody I know is interested in this app. If they could somehow figure out how to disable WhatsApp, FaceTime and Facebook messenger, there would be a slim chance for this. Otherwise, it's now uninstalled. LG G3 Verizon MM. Marvelous

  •  Romkistel

    Romkistel Great video calling app but needs better contact management Video calling is great and involves a simple, intuitive interface. However, the contacts management features within the app are basically nonexistent, which is unfortunate. If you have a contacts management app that will link with Duo (automatically open Duo and initiate a video call), then you are probably going to love Duo; I don't, so I “only” like it. Worth a go!

  •  200910

    200910 Well done Google - very pleased. I've been waiting for something like this for a long time. Excellent quality audio and video and reasonably stable (so far). Particularly good for using the back camera to show where you are and what's going on around you. Must have soon: 1) Alternative ringtones!! 2) A way of rejecting a video call with a (preset) messsage for environments that might not be appropriate to make a video call. 3) A way to leave a video message if the person you are calling can't/won't answer. Surprisingly

  •  redzyna

    redzyna Needs some more work I have used Duo on three separate days for testing. The first time was in my apartment with my wife who was also in the apartment. Quality of video and sound was perfect. The next two times were with my mother who is in alabama. The video quality was great. The sound kept cutting in and out. The connection was weak. Obviously this is a new app but I just want the developers to be aware of issues. I would like to be apart of the beta if possible. Not bad

  •  antonino

    antonino Simplicity of video chatting at it's finest. When google said that they were making Duo as their main video chat application, I was a bit skeptical at first. But after using it for a while, it's a actually very easy and intuitive to use. And best of all, living in Indonesia where the cell service isn't top notch, I still get decent video quality which is a sure plus! Superb!

  •  Banner_Printing

    Banner_Printing Simple and beautiful! Okay, at first I was sceptical - nobody I knew was on Duo. No multiuser video and no web/tablet support. It seemed like such a step backwards from Hangouts and Skype. But after convincing two people to use it and trying it a few times, I'm sold. It's such a better experience - the video and audio quality is superb! It may take a while to get our parents to switch to Duo with their grandkids from their iPads and PCs, but we can get our friends to try Duo one video chat at a time! Fantastic

  •  setty123

    setty123 Excellent but facing issue I think this is a great app and much needed Google step taken. Just one issue though thus far, is that I'm unable to see the video of any iPhone users who call me or I call myself. Despite they have allowed the app access to their camera, they can see my (android) video perfectly fine but not the same the other way around. Maybe a bug? Brilliant

  •  richboy1111

    richboy1111 Excellent Loved d app, simple to use no need to login or create unnecessary accounts like skype n other apps...try to increase video quality...loved da option where you can use your rear or primary camera to show your home or surroundings n other things n watch all d expressions of d person u r talking to...just keep it simple n improve audio video need to put options like 'DP or Ringtones or Statuses, last seen all those bullshit things'. U can add Conference Calling where we can talk to 2 ppl or more. Perfect!



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