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In dieser fünfteiligen Serie spielst du eine männliche oder weibliche Figur namens 'Jesse' und gehst auf eine gefährliche Reise durch Overworld, über den Nether bis zum Ende und darüber hinaus. Du und deine Freunde huldigt dem legendären Orden der Steine: Krieger, Redstone-Ingenieur, Griefer und Architekt; Töter des Ender-Drachen. Auf der EnderCon wollen du und deine Freunde Gabriel den Krieger treffen, als euch klar wird, dass etwas nicht stimmt. Etwas fürchterliches geht vor sich. Unzähmbarer Terror wird ausgelöst und du musst dich aufmachen, den Orden der Steine zu finden, um die Welt vor dem Untergang zu retten.

• Von Telltale Games, der preisgekrönten Ideenschmiede für Abenteuerspiele, in Partnerschaft mit Mojang, den Schöpfern von Minecraft

• Mit den Stimmen von Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Ashley Johnson, Scott Porter, Martha Plimpton, Dave Fennoy, Corey Feldman, Billy West und Paul Reubens

• Durch deine Entscheidungen bestimmst du die Geschichte: was du anderen Leuten sagst (und wie du es sagst) und wie du in entscheidenden Momenten handelst, macht dies zu DEINER Geschichte.

GPU: Adreno 300-Serie, Mali-T600-Derie, PowerVR SGX544, oder Tegra 4
CPU: Dual Core 1.2GHz
Speicher: 1GB

- - - -

Das Spiel läuft auf den folgenden Geräten, jedoch mit möglichen Leistungseinschränkungen:
- Galaxy S2 – Adreno
- Galaxy S3 Mini

Nicht unterstützte Geräte:
- Galaxy Tab3
- Droid RAZR Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Kommentare über Minecraft: Story Mode

  •  giggle

    giggle It would be 5 stars if...... The first episode you have yo buy and the all the other episodes would be for free,thats what i thought and my friends!!>_<oh and i bought episode5 and it nowhas i have to buy again because I DONT KNOW WHAT [email protected][email protected] Great!

  •  sarahskelton

    sarahskelton I liked it Like it but it costs money to go on the next chapter and it is really annoying and also it won't allow me to get rid of the app so please fix that and everything else is fine i like everything else so please fix the money and make it free. Also it gives free episodes on the PS4 and not the tablet but another thing that I don't like that you let the people pay for the game but not renew I want my money back so fix it or I will report you guys immediately! Perfect

  •  SallSymnSadia

    SallSymnSadia Purchasing issue Ive been given an error every time i attempt to purchase episodes 2-8 on the season pass deluxe offer and i cannot figure out why. The game is wonderful and theres a few dialogue bugs, but its a mobile game, so there will be issues. I would like to continue playing, but if im not able to purchase the next episodes i cant do that. Thanks Telltale Games, keep up the amazing work! Worth it!

  •  katealicious

    katealicious GREAT People Stop suggesting free episodes. The game on pc and like ps4 is worth like 30 or 35 (for all episodes) dollars so of course you have to pay for the rest. Stop complaining, get a job, and buy it -_- Brilliant

  •  TonyRundle

    TonyRundle Loved it but I deleted it to clear space and a month later I got it again and I went into the app and it said 123456 and 7 and 8 were coming SOON!!!!!!!! AND I KNEW THAT WAS NOT TRUE BC I HAD ALREADY PLAYED 1234567 I JUST HAD TO PLAY 8 AND I GUESS ITS MY FAULT FOR DELETING IT BUT t IT SAYING all of them hasent come out yet is a major bug GET IT FIXED!!!!!!! PLS Not bad

  •  btbsoft

    btbsoft To expensive Its making me have to spend more Well done!!

  •  jqdusrozoo

    jqdusrozoo Cool but... I cant go on episode 6 . If I can go on episode 6 I will give it 5 stars. Just make it that we can play all the episodes pls. I know wat hapins on episode 6 new people. And a evel white punkin wat kills someone. I don't know who died but it is definitely captain sparclz and todogs! Havant played episode 6,7 or 8. But now I played episode 6 but not 7 or 8.:) but now episode 7 is here pls play it! Flawless

  •  Annonsupe

    Annonsupe Really good game Good game, and incredibly fun to play. Embarking on great quests, making extreme decisions, its worth the price. And has some of the coolest music ever. By the way ep 6 has a glitch so I cant play but hopefully when ep 7 comes out I can just skip it. Cool

  •  Thenteeererse

    Thenteeererse Simply boring to me I have to give cahoots to the developers though, an imaculently made game that has an impeccable story line, but I guess its just not my kind of game. I apologize for any inconvenience, or profit loss I've caused by the placement of "boring" in the tittle. Awesome

  •  kevinjsmith

    kevinjsmith Complaining for nothing Everyone else that's commenting "we shouldn't have to pay!" Or "it's way too expensive!" Are wrong. This amazing game is easily on par with any major console game today, and those cost $40-$60. I would even put MCSM above 90% of today's games. The effort that had to be put into this game is equal, if not more then any Nintendo or PlayStation game, so the company should get payed fairly. The storyline is amazing, the characters are incredibly well developed, and animation very satisfying. No complaints. Omg

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