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Version: 1.3.19
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Roter Alarm!
Quadratische Fieslinge wollen die Welt in einen Würfel verwandeln.

Wer hat die Macht, die gemeinen Kerle rund zu machen? Ja, ganz genau!
Red Ball ist schon unterwegs!

Rolle, springe und hüpfe durch 75 spannende Level voller Abenteuer.
Bahne dir den Weg durch knifflige Fallen und besiege alle Monster.

- Rundum neues Red Ball Abenteuer
- 75 Level
- Epische Bosskämpfe
- Cloud-Unterstützung
- Aufregende Physik-Elemente
- Cooler Soundtrack
- Unterstützung für HID Controller Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Kommentare über Red Ball 4

  •  TheSpeedTraders1

    TheSpeedTraders1 Good but not like the pc It is really addictive interesting time killer phone and I play it when I am bored. But the touches are really sensitive. After I touch the button to moves zenith's get applied for longer time than the PC version Superb!

  •  qojsthry

    qojsthry Hello Hey, Red ball team you think , you will have succes to make people to see videos or to play game ? Believe me , is better if you open one channel in youtube , there you will win more. :/ I uninstall after 5 min from when i install.. No problem .. Pretty good

  •  elisabethsmith

    elisabethsmith Why can't you watch adds anymore Hey developer I want a watch thing before I had it but where's it gone.I will rate 5 stars if you make the watch thing appear back to the game pls I'm begging pls I hate to wait 100 minutes to get full life I'm addicted but the wait is driving me crazy ok Works great

  •  jawahar4

    jawahar4 It's Pretty Good Loved it but the lives system I dislike, the first 2 times you can watch a video but then you have to wait or you buy premium but you know not many people are gonna do that. love it

  •  jacobmoro

    jacobmoro REALLY HARD Like when I go against the boss the jumping button just stops working and that makes me mad Worth a go!

  •  ModFurWar

    ModFurWar It's really good I can't describe but it's asome. If u have a laptop or computer it works amazing. I have a phone and laptop. I have red ball on both phone and laptop. And it works so well. No glitches. So that's all :) Muito bom!

  •  vxdcqf

    vxdcqf Yess Till around collecting stars and breaking blocks. It's sooo much fun.!! Have always loved red ball. I used to play it only on computer. But when I saw the app. I had to download it. Works perfectly

  •  vzrelpmqvv

    vzrelpmqvv Unable to complete level 57 Hello i want to ask how can i complete lvel 57? I am stuck there since 5 days... Perfect!

  •  punchkickinteractive

    punchkickinteractive Super Ball I love this game sooo much!!! I play it everyday. I wish there were more levels. And I know a trick of how you can get free lives without even watching videos that comes up. Perfect!

  •  moshimonsters

    moshimonsters It's addictive! My 4yr old son and I play it together. He especially likes when Mommy messes up and the ball screams. Omg



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