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"Rollender Himmel(Rolling Sky)" fordert dich deine Geschwindigkeit und Reaktionskraft. Super wunderschöne 3D-Spezialeffekte Szenen, einfallsreiche Fallen und Hindernisse ziehen dich an!

Ziehe den Ball nach links oder rechts und weiche allen Hindernissen aus. Weiche nicht von der Spur ab! Los! Mit dem Rhythmus der Musik, fordere deine Grenze heraus.

• One-Touch-Steuerung und einfache Bedienung
• 3D-Stereo-Sicht
• Unterschiedliche Szenen: Hügel, Universum, Wald, Schneefeld, Hölle
• Herausforderung an Geschwindigkeit und Reaktionsfähigkeit

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Kommentare über Rolling Sky

  •  admiral1987

    admiral1987 Great but frustrating I would like it better if there was a practice mode or checkpoints at least... trying to finish in one go and starting all over again is a pain -_- Marvelous

  •  imtiyazalam620

    imtiyazalam620 AWESOME!!!! UPDATED AGAIN I love this game! Please never stop updating it! However I beg you don't patch this KIND OF but sometimes rarely..I go COMPLETELY through a wall :s sometimes I go in it a little and that's what I don't want patched because it would make the game to hard :( But try to patch going right through something oke? Level 7 is WAY harder than level 8. Like wtf...I beat level 8 but not 7 Awesome

  •  garyharley11

    garyharley11 Add more stuff This game is very addicting but it should have more features like a level creator, more levels , and customizable balls. But that sounds alot like geometry dash so maybe just more levels. 5 star

  •  iffelinternational

    iffelinternational Super great. Everyone complaining about having to watch the videos, cmon it's $1.99 for unlimited. This game is easily worth that. Took me 1t tryst to beat the first level with all the gems. Flawless

  •  zmh123

    zmh123 I love this game its so nice They bring new levels and they are nice i love the 8th one very much i still didnt try the 9th one and i am going to try it now....... the 9th song so bad pls if you made new 10 make the song better Worth it!

  •  dfweh545

    dfweh545 Hard/Addictive This game takes some getting used to. It's hard and it's addictive for the self-competitive. I'm sweating! Fabulous!

  •  zcbhjpojyvk

    zcbhjpojyvk Amazing This is a great game I recommend this to everyone who would like to better their reflexes. The only problem I have with it is that you have to watch videos after you lose 10 times. I mean, at least make it 20. Otherwise, it just gets annoying. Must have

  •  DrNelsonHenry

    DrNelsonHenry I've beaten all levels all gems (expect lvl 9) but... Can you please add a level maker? I would be more into the game then I already am... I ever bought infinite balls and still I want more so please... Add a lvl maker so we can play each others levels!!! 5 stars if you do!!! Perfect

  •  deepakkumar365

    deepakkumar365 Challenging and addicting This game keep me on the edge of my seat as i quicky maneuver through the various obstacles Well done!!

  •  certacomms

    certacomms It's so addictive! I got this game a couple of days ago and I immediately feel in love with it! And I told my sister about it and she played and now she's addicted to it to. So I give this game 5 stars!!! Muito bom!



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