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Der brandneue Nachfolger zu SEGAs erfolgreichem Endlos-Rennspiel SONIC DASH. Mit den Charakteren und der Welt von SONIC BOOM, der neuen TV-Serie.

Neue und fantastische 3D-Welten, Herausforderungen und Funktionen. Spiele als Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Amy, Knuckles und Sonics neue Freundin Sticks. Packen wir‘s an!

- RENNE mit bis zu 3 Charakteren im neuen Team-Modus! Fliegender Wechsel zwischen den Läufern für mehr Punkte
- NEUE Spezialtechniken - Sonics Sprintringmagnet, Knuckles‘ Schlag, Amys Ringhammer und mehr
- ÜBERWINDE neue Hindernisse und Badniks
- SPRINTE über neue Strecken in und über der wunderschönen Welt von Sonic Boom
- MEISTERE die neue Schwung- & Neigespieltechnik mit dem Energiestrahl; neige dein Gerät und der Läufer schwingt sich zu den Ringen und Kugeln
- SAMMLE, verbessere und renne mit neuen magischen Geistern
- GEWINNE Spezialpreise in neuen Ereignissen und täglichen SEGA-Herausforderungen

- - - - -

SEGA All rights reserved. SEGA, the SEGA logo SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, SONIC DASH and SONIC BOOM are registered trade marks or trade marks of SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd. or its affiliates. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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  •  fvvpejnolok

    fvvpejnolok Randomly goes to the home screen During when I play the game it goes to the home screen randomly. I would rate this a 5 if it stops going to the home screen randomly. Even though I it keeps going to the home screen it is a lot of fun and how does it look worse than sonic dash but I don't care about that any way. Worth a go!

  •  niyixpblzj

    niyixpblzj Great game I had to fix my review.. The game right now runa flawlessly, almost without glitiching.. I really love it! Good job! The only thing that i ask for you is to expand to soundtrack of the stages for more diverse experience Highly Recommend.

  •  delllaptops

    delllaptops LOVE IT!!!!! AMAZING! Not only do I love the game, the series of SONIC Boom is also the BOMB!!! Worth a go!

  •  Torontech_marketing8

    Torontech_marketing8 Deserves credit It's a good time waster/reflex tester, and I do get a competitive kick from the daily events and leaderboards. It has a few things to iron out, like the screen sometimes not responding, making me watch an unavoidable death or hit, but the occurrences are few and far between, so I guess I can forgive it. The sprites are fun to make builds with, and are definitely worth the rings to upgrade: you get the boosts you pay for. Worth it!

  •  olabodee

    olabodee I now have no life Mt boyfriend moans because I don't talk to him just play this. .it's more addictive than number 1! You gotta be quick your concentration is definitely tested! Recommended! Fabulous!

  •  nursadewa

    nursadewa Addictive This game has gotten me so hooked; there are daily challenges to complete. There are events to compete on and earn prizes from. No ads, unless you choose to watch a video for a free revival / event ticket. All in all I love this game. Fantastic

  •  torontofood

    torontofood Good but needs more content Game is quite decent (with a bit of frame rate issues but nothing unplayable) however as of right now there are only 5 characters and i hope that sega will add more in future 3/5 Worth a go!

  •  bouffKizdioni

    bouffKizdioni Likes but please fix events Hey Sega Can Freaking fix the enerbeam event on the Samsung Galaxy S5 when I go on the enerbeam it starts counting but the stops when it wants to while I am still on the enerbeam Not bad

  •  Zdmzeyswb

    Zdmzeyswb Love it I love the events but Shadow costs too much rings 120! Too much. If you fix this problem, I will rate 5 stars wow lol

  •  poojashah2387

    poojashah2387 Good but....... The game is too good but I request Sega to upgrade this game a little bit like there is written in the character list that more characters coming soon but its been months that please put some characters like espio silver rogue cream and second thing that put some loops and corkscrew in sonic dash 2 like sonic dash had and please put boss battles I will be thankful if Sega do this upgrade !and it becomes harder after running so far! Where all the forever sprite are gone after I buy a 2nd sprite slot?!?!?! Must have

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